About BAHCO Dortmund

BAHCO is a leading company for hydraulic tools, pneumatic tools and bolting systems in Germany. These tools are used in the entire industry. BAHCO has a wide range of hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pumps such as pneumatic tools for the industrial use.

Hydraulic cylinders are used where heavy items have to be lifted. That concerns for example industries like steel construction, shipbuilding or mining industry. Since more than 50 years BAHCO delivers various hydraulic cylinders and offers corresponding service.


Hydraulic cylinders of various designs:

  • Flat cylinders
  • Pressure cylinders
  • Hollow piston cylinders
  • Aluminium cylinders
  • Compact cylinders
  • Pull cylinders
  • Double-acting hydraulic cylinders
  • High tonnage cylinders
  • Locking cylinders

Hydraulic pumps of various designs:

  • Single-staged and two-staged hand pumps
  • Electric motor pumps
  • Air-hydraulic pumps

Besides hydraulic tools BAHCO also offers a wide range of pneumatic tools:

  • Drilling machines and threaders
  • Pneumatic screwdriver
  • Grinding machines
  • Tool stands