Chemical Industry




  • Column bolting
  • Flange bolting on containers
  • Screwing on the heat exchanger
  • Lifting of rotary furnace with hydraulic jacks
  • Opening of flanges with hydraulic spreaders

RAD pneumatic torque wrenches fulfill all strict european requirements of the ATEX specification (II 2G/D EX c IIB/IIIB T6). These tools are suitable for operation in potentially explosive working environments. Spark protected tools are required in EX zones. Additionally, the pneumatic torque wrenches are protected against inflammation of flammable steam, gas, liquid and dust. Furthermore these tools can be operated in all temperature classes (T1 to T6). All pneumatic torque wrenches (except GX/DX TV with built in transducer) can be retrofitted according to ATEX specifications. For a higher safety the pneumatic tools can be delivered with a double safety trigger.

The battery-powered torque wrenches can be used for valve actuations, for example in container construction.