Steel and Bridge Construction




Especially in steel and bridge construction our battery-powered torque wrenches are suitable for assembly works. With a torque range of 30-7.000Nm, these bolting tools are very versatile. Two Lithium-ion batteries with 5,2Ah are included in the scope of delivery. For continuous use or in case a recharging of the battery on site is difficult, we also offer 8,0Ah Li-HD-batteries.

Our electric torque wrenches (e.g. MV-RAD (MED) and E-RAD) ensure particular rapid bolting. That is required if crane times during assembly work constitute a large cost factor. These costs can be drastically reduced through shorter assembly times.

Hydraulic torque wrenches are capable of achieving 71.000Nm. At low construction heights our hydraulic low profile torque wrenches are especially suitable. Often alternative devices do not find sufficient space. Although limited ergonomics due to the heavy torquing tool and hydraulic pump, the low profile torque wrenches are still having their own merits. If these restrictions are not given, we always recommend electric or battery-powered tools. These ergonomic torque wrenches steadily replace hydraulic bolting systems in the future.