All bolting systems must be calibrated regularly, depending on frequency and duration of use. Our calibration laboratory fulfills the requirements according to DIN EN ISO 17025. Under strict observation of environmental influences, such as temperature, and the present bolting case (soft or hard), the torque wrenches can be calibrated with very high accuracy. On custom demand we perform maintenance before the tool gets calibrated. This helps to prevent damages caused by the use of the product.

Why calibrate on site?

Frequently there are large bolt deviations when calibrated in a laboratory compared to calibration on site. Environmental influences and friction occur increased on site. By calibration with our SMART SOCKET these deviations can be eliminated almost completely.

What is the SMART SOCKET?

The SMART SOCKET is a standard socket with integrated torque transducer. RAD Torque Systems is the only manufacturer worldwide. The torque which is applied to the bolt will be measured directly on the bolted connection. That is how torque and friction influences in the gearbox of the torque wrench are eliminated. These influences could not be observed so far.

Highest accuracy is our promise!

Our experience through the practical calibration with the SMART SOCKET we also bring up to our calibration unit in the laboratory. The parameter of both bolting procedures are constantly compared and matched, so that we calibrate bolting systems with highest accuracy.