B-RAD Select

  • Digital torque setting by the value of 10 Nm
  • Torque range 50-7.000 Nm
  • Repeatability of ±3,0 %
  • Brushless electric motor
  • Automatic load release
  • Slim and short design
TypeDrive sizeTorque [Nm]RPM [min-1]Weight [kg]Dimensions [mm]
B-RAD 275 Select½" & ¾"50270473,22286367262
B-RAD 700 Select¾"150700213,52316367262
B-RAD 1400 Select¾"3001.400103,52316367262
B-RAD 1400-2 Select¾"5401.400714,32796367262
B-RAD 2000 Select1"4002.00064,02446969262
B-RAD 2000-2 Select1"4002.000194,92986969262
B-RAD 3400 Select1"8003.40036,02858181268
B-RAD 4000 Select1"8004.00036,02858181268
B-RAD 4000-2 Select1"8004.000196,73378181268
B-RAD 7000 Select1½"1.3507.00028,82959595275

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The battery torque wrench series B-RAD Select can be set digitally by values of 10 Nm. The tool is also available with a two-stage automatic and ideally suited for most applications. Its advantages are the slim and short design and its ease of use. The electric motor is brushless. Thereby the lifetime of the tool is increased, because carbon brushes and slip rings do not have to be exchanged. Furthermore these tools can be used for valve actuations. Each torque wrench comes fully calibrated in a storage case and includes reaction arm with 2x retaining ring, 2x battery and quick battery charger.


  • Screw position lighting
  • Lithium-HD battery with 8,0 Ah
  • Modification on series MB-RAD as (M)B-RAD Offset


Tool handle
Tool hanger
Offset gearbox
Special reaction arm
Double safety trigger
Nose extension

Scope of delivery

  • Battery operated torque wrench B-RAD Select
  • Reaction arm with two retaining rings
  • Two Lithium-ion batteries with 5,2 Ah/18 V
  • Battery charger
  • Calibration certificate
  • Operation manual
  • Tool case

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