Wind Power

Customer Applications

  • Azimuth screw connection
  • Brake disc bolting
  • Foundation bolt bolting
  • Gear bolting
  • Main frame bolting
  • Machine carrier bolting
  • Rotor blade bolting
  • Shrink disk on the gearbox
  • Clamping set screw connection
  • Tower bolting
  • Shaft-hub connection

Construction and assembly of wind turbines

In wind power, high accuracy, process reliability and speed are the most important requirements for manufacturers and service companies. Our battery torque wrench from the MB-RAD series promise maximum ergonomics up to 7.000 Nm. With these, assembly times are reduced by 60 % compared to hydraulic wrenches. Another big advantage is the low weight of the battery torque wrench, especially for overhead assembly work. The battery torque wrench with 7.000 Nm weighs only 8,8 kg (including battery). Carrying and transporting a hydraulic unit, on the other hand, also makes assembly work extremely difficult.

A detailed documentation off all screwing processes creates process reliability and quality! For this we clearly recommend the battery torque wrench MB-RAD, equipped with the dokumentation system.

Higher torques until 16.500 Nm can be achieved with the E-RAD.

Torque Check Function

Screw connestions change due to environmental influences and mechanical loads. Screws become loose or loosen. For this reason, screw connectioons must be checked and serviced at specified intervals. Torque wrenches with a torque check function are suitable for this task.

If screws are further tightened during maintenance, this will also affect the screw connection. Therefore, M-PT has developed an innovative battery and electric torque wrench with an integrated, highly sensitive test program. Unlike conventional devices, the torque wrench measures the torque applied to the screw as the tension builds up, without further tightening the screw. The result: the screw connection is not manipulated during maintenance.

Suitable products for Wind Power