M-PT celebrates its 30th anniversary

17. May 2024

Selling a product off the shelf is easy. However, most industrial applications are not. Bolting connections are sometimes very difficult to achieve due to the tight installation space. Sometimes there are high requirements with regard to the tightening process as well. In addition, documentation and archiving of the bolting data is often required for reasons of liability or internal quality assurance. The M-PT team is well acquainted with a wide range of individual bolting cases and customer applications in high-torque bolting technology.

Just recently M-PT celebrated its 30th anniversary. Thanks to Mr. Michael Matjeschk, the founder and namesake of the company. Over 100 customers, suppliers and business partners accepted the invitation. Top-class presentations were given by Roger Romard (RAD Torque Systems Canada), Dr. Stefan Beyer (German Screw Association e.V.), the well-known screw expert Markus Fischer (SCS Concept Group) and M-PT's loyal customer Prof. Verwiebe (VERWIEBE Engineering). These lectures were accompanied by live Sorbian music and other presentations on the life of the Sorbs, a recognized national minority in the rural area of M-PT. Charming and idyllic for every guest, who was greeted by three little girls in traditional Sorbian dress with bread and salt at the M-PT company anniversary.

The occasion for the big event was also the grand opening and first tour of the expanded production facility. This includes a large training center with space for 25 people to learn the theory and practice of safe and correct handling of bolting technology. The employees benefit from new office space for sales, design and development. But the customer also benefits, as internal consultations can be carried out even faster and more effectively door to door.

It was a special honor for M-PT to welcome the Director of Sales of RAD Torque Systems from Canada. Roger Romard not only manages the international sales of RAD bolting technology, but also all official RAD service centers worldwide. This is a great added value for the customer. For example, if the customer sends their bolting tools to one of their locations abroad for a major project, the bolting tools can also be professionally checked and calibrated there and repairs can be carried out if necessary. All international RAD service centers receive regular training and are therefore qualified to carry out calibrations on a RAD torque wrench.

Founder Michael Matjeschk and managing director Carmen hebestreit both agree on that: "Bolting technology is fun and has a lot of potential. We still have so many ideas for further developments. It will be exciting and we are looking forward to it."




B-RAD Xtreme – The World’s Most Powerful Battery-Powered Torque Wrench

22. August 2023

RAD Torque Systems – a world leader in manufacturing industrial torque wrenches – has launched the first battery-powered torque wrench series capable of torquing up to 15.000 Nm, the B-RAD Xtreme. The launch of the highly anticipated B-RAD X makes it the most powerful cordless torque wrench in the world.

The new and innovative B-RAD X torque wrench comes in three different sizes:

  • B-RAD X 7.000 Nm
  • B-RAD X 10.000 Nm
  • B-RAD X 15.000 Nm

“We believe the B-RAD X is going to revolutionize the industry and change how big industry works. This tool will make the toughest torque jobs easier to tackle, faster to secure and safer for all operators,” says Dan Provost, President, and Owner at RAD Torque Systems. “RAD Torque is known for its innovation, and we are proud to be the first in the world to deliver a battery powered torque tool with this much power.”

Additional features include:

  • Brushless DC motor for added durability and accuracy
  • Redesigned anti-fatigue trigger switch with IP rating
  • Standard hand-guard for added operator protection
  • Two-hand start options to prevent hand injuries
  • Battery latch lock to protect batteries from falling


Expanding production of bolting technology at M-PT

26. April 2022

With a symbolic turn of the sod founder Michael Matjeschk and managing director Carmen Hebestreit have started together with the M-PT team the construction of a new facility. The expansion is necessary, because there is no longer enough space for production and offices. The unique feature of the company is the complete in-house production of high-torquing tools. This begins at the development and assembly of the control board of battery-powered torque wrenches (up to 7.000 Nm), electric torque wrenches (up to 11.000 Nm) as well as of hydraulic pumps with data logging. In close cooperation with the manufacturer RAD Torque Systems in Canada, high-quality bolting technology with accuracies starting at 1,0 % are produced at M-PT in their production facility, assembly halls and calibration laboratory.

Faciltity expansion in Zerna

M-PT starts construction of a new facility

LIEBHERR certification of the battery torque wrenches MAD (MB-RAD)

30. July 2021

The global crane manufacturer LIEBHERR has approved the battery-operated torque wrenches of the MAD (MB-RAD) series for crane assemblies. This opens up new technical possibilities for the assembly companies to quickly and safely produce the HSFG bolted connections on the tower.

After extensive machine capability analysis and EMC tests of the torque wrenches in the torque range of 140-7,000 Nm, the LIEBHERR standard "Technical Information" now also includes the battery torque wrenches MAD (MB-RAD). The use of non-approved torque wrenches for tower assembly is not permitted.

The MAD (MB-RAD) has a repeatability of ±2,8 % and can be used reliably at ambient temperatures down to -20°C without warming up. Thanks to the brushless electric motor, torque/angle controlled shut-off and limit value monitoring, the MAD (MB-RAD) works extremely precisely and is even up to 60 % faster than a hydraulic torque wrench.

The torque wrench can optionally be equipped with data logging or a torque check function for maintenance work.

More information about the MAD (MB-RAD) here!

Hydraulic pump series HEM 7 with data logging

2. July 2021

Have you ever worked with a hydraulic pump without a torque table?

The electric hydraulic pump of the HEM 7 series was developed by M-PT for the operation of hydraulic torque wrenches. We are pleased to be able to offer you the HEM 7 series with an optional Documentation System - completely without a torque table.

Hydraulic pump series HEM 7 is available in three versions:

  • Standard version with simple remote control and torque table
  • Extended version with digital remote control and torque table
  • Extended version with digital remote control and Documentation System

With the Documentation System, a torque table is no longer required, as the target torque is set directly on the digital remote control in 1Nm steps. This also increases process reliability, since possible sources of error when reading from a torque table or when setting the pressure on the manometer cannot even arise. All available hydraulic torque wrenches are stored in the hydraulic pump along with the calibration data. The bolting result (OK/NOK) is displayed in color on the remote control. When the work is done, the data can be transferred to a PC via Bluetooth and archived as a PDF, CSV or Excel file. The Documentation System thus guarantees reliable and seamless quality assurance.

More information about the HEM 7 series here!

M-PT is exclusive RAD distributor for Germany

4. March 2021

RAD Torque Systems is a globally known manufacturer of battery-powered, electric and pneumatic torque wrenches. On January 1st 2021 RAD Torque Systems authorized M-PT Matjeschk-PowerTools as the sole German sales and service partner for its products. This will intensify the long-term business relationship with RAD. The last few years have shown that a cooperation between the two manufacturers produces customer-oriented and high-quality bolting technology.
M-PT is looking forward to the future with RAD!

So that our customers can orientate themselves more easily, M-PT has decided to adapt all product names to the RAD designation. This particularly applies to torque wrenches with the electronics developed by M-PT.

The name changes - the tool remains the same.
The battery torque wrench MAD is called MB-RAD and
the electric torque wrench MED is called MV-RAD.

More information to RAD Torque Systems you can find here!

New Scanner Function for MB-RAD and MV-RAD (former MAD and MED)

15. December 2020

As of now, torque wrenches of the MB-RAD and MV-RAD (former MAD and MED) series can also connect to a barcode scanner via Bluetooth. Data no longer have to be typed in, but can be conveniently scanned using a barcode or QR code:

  • Worker-ID: scan in the worker ID from the ID card and assign it to the torque wrench.
  • Serial number: scan the serial number of a component into the documentation and thus assign the bolted connection data to a specific component.
  • Preset torque values: attach preset torque values as cards with QR codes to assembly lines and scan them in quickly and easily. The torque wrench then adopts the stored parameters, such as torque, angle, upper and lower limits, etc.

The Scanner Function can be purchased separately or as part of the smart Documentation System from M-PT:
a software for the reliable recording and transfer of tightening and loosening processes. After work, the data can easily be transferred to your PC via Bluetooth and archived as a PDF, CSV or Excel file. The Documentation System guarantees reliable and seamless quality assurance.

More information here!

ProTight™ worker guidance system

3. November 2020

Are you sure that you have always done everything 100% correctly? You can now be certain of your bolting work.

The ProTight™ worker guidance system for assembly workstations

  • documents all bolting results and
  • guides the worker in the bolting work in production.

The ProTight™ worker guidance system shows the required work steps and the bolting sequence. The software communicates with the torque wrench and transmits individual torque or angle values for each bolt. ProTight™ checks whether all bolts have been tightened correctly according to the specifications and detects, for example, if bolts have been forgotten or tightened twice. All data is logged.

More information here!

Our new battery-powered torque wrench MB-RAD (former MAD)

12. October 2020

The battery-powered torque wrench MB-RAD (former MAD) has a repeatability of ±2,8%, making it the most accurate current-controlled battery-powered torque wrench from 30 to 7.000Nm on the market. With the optional documentation system and torque check program, the MB-RAD can be used in almost all bolting applications.

Further advantages:
• Stageless digital torque and angle setting
• Adjustable automatic load release
• Brushless electric motor
• 18V/5,2Ah Li-ion battery pack (8,0Ah optional)
• Optional worker guidance system ProTight™ and BoltPilot®

Here you can find more information!

Hydraulic Square Drive Torque Wrench 15 IBT

30. July 2020

There is a novelty among hydraulic torque wrenches!
With a maximum torque of 20.200Nm the 15 IBT is perfect for M64 fittings with 15.000Nm, making it a reliable hydraulic torque wrench especially in the wind industry. But the 15 IBT also impresses in many other industries with its compact performance and versatility. It proves to be extremely user-friendly.

• High resistance with aluminium-titanium and light body
• Repeatability ±3,0%
• Operation pressure up to 700 bar
• Weight 23,0 kg
• Torsion retaining pawl system for maximum efficiency
• Suitable for continuous use at maximum pressure

Ease of use:
• Reaction arm with safety lock feature for all positions
• 360°x180° multi-positional swivel with quick release couplings
• Pressure relief valve prevents overpressure
• Versatile accessories available on request

Here you can find more information!

Battery Torque Wrench B-RAD Select-L

28. May 2020

Do you already know our battery-powered torque wrench B-RAD Select-L with fixed extension?
The idea arose from a special customer request from the railway construction. When bolting train tracks the technician can work in an upright position. The ergonomics are significantly increased. This bolting tool is suitable for many industries. All deep bolts can be tightened and loosened in an upright posture. If you need an extension with other dimensions, please let us know.

Technical Specifications:
• Repeatability ±3,0%
• Torque range 170 – 1.400Nm
• Extension prevents non-ergonomic posture
• Digital torque setting by the value of 10Nm
• Brushless electric motor
• Automatic load release
• Standard tool or tool with 2-speed automatic
• Screw position lighting optionally

For further information please contact us!

Battery Torque Wrench B-RAD Offset

3. March 2020

We proudly present our new battery-powered torque wrench B-RAD Offset. This tool has a very special design. The offset gearbox allows the tool to reach difficult bolting spaces. The torque can be set digitally by values of 10Nm. The B-RAD Offset is also available with a two-stage automatic and ideally suited for most applications.

See for yourself!

Here you can find more information

Sensor-controlled battery torque wrench B-RAD S (former MAD-S)

21. October 2019

We proudly present our new sensor-controlled battery-powered torque wrench B-RAD S (former MAD-S). Our battery-series is extended by a sensor-controlled shut-off. Thereby the tool is insensitive to environmental influences, such as friction, temperature or joint hardness. The torque is measured on the square drive, that means directly on the socket of the tool. Mechanical alterations of the tool, e.g. wear on the gear, do not influence the bolting results. With this torquing tool one can tighten bolts by category A according to VDI/VDE 2862-2.

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More information you can find here

Hydraulic Pump with Digital Pressure Indicator – Series HEM

8. October 2019

At the end of the year M-PT will finish further development projects. This includes our new pump for hydraulic torque wrenches. Today we want to present you this hydraulic pump HEM.

One decisive innovation is the modificated automatic mode. We were able to increase the bolting speed significantly. Furthermore the new hydraulic pump can be delivered with digital function. This is an additional option to display the pressure digitally on the remote control.

Another option, which will be offered soon, is the documentation system. Right now our development department does the final tests on this. With the documentation system the torque can be set directly on the pump, whereby the process reliability will be increased. The stored data of torque wrenches and calibration can be selected on the digital remote control. A torque table is not necessary any more.

Our new series MV-RAD S (former MED-S)

30. August 2019

We proudly present our new sensor-controlled torque wrench MV-RAD S (former MED-S). The proven MV-RAD series is extended by a sensor-controlled shut-off. Thereby the tool is insensitive to environmental influences, such as friction, temperature or joint hardness. The torque is measured on the square drive, that means directly on the socket of the tool. Mechanical alterations of the tool, e.g. wear on the gear, do not influence the bolting results. With this torquing tool one can tighten bolts by category A according to VDI/VDE 2862-2.

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Publication in BWE Industry Report 2018

5. June 2018

In the newest BWE Industry Report "Wind Industry in Germany" M-PT explains the functionality and application of the Bolt Check Funktion - an optional feature of the electric torque wrench MED.

New Smart Sockets 90 and 100

26. January 2018

We are pleased to introduce two new models of our Smart Sockets. The series is now extended by the wrench sizes 90mm and 100mm.

The Smart Socket uses RAD Torque‘s transducer technology combined with custom sockets to measure the torque applied to the socket during a torque cycle. Its compact size and innovative technology make the Smart Socket a perfect audit tool for inspecting bolted joints and can function as a master calibration for various torque tools. With special reducers from M-PT the tool assortment can be expanded.

More information you can find here.

The New MED 110

27. October 2017

Our MED series is now extended with a new electric torque wrench.
The new MED 110 achieves a maximum torque of 11.000 Nm. With only 13 kg and a overall length of 510 mm, this torquing tool is significantly smaller and lightweighter than the proved MED 120. This tool is suitable for bolting applications at high torques, while working ergonomically and safely.
Our new electric torque wrench is available in standard version (MED 110), a manual 2-speed machine (MED 110-2) as well as a bolting tool with angle gear (MED 110-90).

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