Water and Gas Energy

Customer Applications

  • Gate valve
  • Handwheel
  • Heat exchanger

Battery torque wrench as drive unit for handwheels

The battery torque wrench series B-RAD can be operated as drive unit for several handwheels. The tool transmits rotary movements quickly and directly to the handwheel. The opening and closing of gate valves, but also other systems, is carried out particularly ergonomically and effectively with this method.

Gate valve wrench for gas supply

The new battery-operated gate valve wrench of the MSD series is used for the maintenance and servicing of gate valves. The maintenance procedure according to the DVGW G 441 standard in force can be carried out with this tool. The applied torque is used to define whether a fitting is smooth-running, normal or stiff. Shutting off after the target number of gears and entering the maximum torque on the color display enable efficient and safe work. With the help of the barcode scanner, data no longer has to be typed in, but can be conveniently scanned using a barcode or QR code.

Documentation System

All bolting data is recorded with the documentation system and transferred to a PC via Bluetooth. This provides the customer or quality assurance with proof that all screws have been tightened within the specified range. In the case of assembly activities as a service in the steel construction sector, the fitters are on the safe side in the event of liability claims.

Suitable products for Water and Gas Energy