Traffic Engineering

Customer Applications

  • Tow Hitch
  • Drive and output flange
  • Working cylinder attachment
  • Slewing ring screw connection
  • Vehicle frame bolting
  • Gearbox assemlby
  • Crane and lifting technology
  • Coupling screw connections
  • Drop arm
  • Engine mount bolting
  • Commercial vehicle construction
  • Wishbone
  • Roller slewing ring
  • Rail vehicles
  • Swivel gear screw connection
  • Impeller drum

Worker guidance in automobile industry

In automotive industry as well as shipbuilding and aerospace, very high quality standards are required. In most cases an extensive data logging is binding. For this our battery torque wrenches series MB-RAD are suitable. With this documentation system various data, such as bolting results (pass/fail), date/time and operator identification, can be collected. The data can be read out and saved on the computer with Bluetooth connectivity.

The worker guidance with ProTight™ ensures optimal results and strives for a zero-defect strategy in the production process.

Assembly of rail vehicles and track system

The battery-powered series B-RAD Select-L was specially developed for railway construction. When bolting the railroad tracks, the fitter can work in an upright position thanks to the fixed extension, which significantly increases ergonomics. All deep-set bolts can be tightened and loosened in an upright position.

Suitable products for Traffic Engineering