• Torque/angle controlled tightening
  • Repeatability ±2,8 %
  • Brushless electric motor
  • Automatic load release
  • Limit value monitoring
  • Documentation System optionally
  • Torque Check Function for maintenance optionally
  • ProTight™ worker guidance system optionally
Bluetooth connectivity
Bluetooth connectivity
Data transfer to a PC
Data transfer to a PC
TypeDrive sizeTorque [Nm]RPM [min-1]Weight [kg]Dimensions [mm]
MB-RAD 300½" & ¾"30300472,82586369262
MB-RAD 700¾"70700213,02616369262
MB-RAD 1400¾"1401.400103,02706369262
MB-RAD 1400-2¾"2801.400713,93096369262
MB-RAD 20001"2002.00063,62576969262
MB-RAD 2000-21"2002.000194,53286969262
MB-RAD 34001"4003.40035,43158181268
MB-RAD 40001"4004.00035,43158181268
MB-RAD 4000-21"4004.000196,33678181268
MB-RAD 70001½"7007.00028,13259595275

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The battery-operated torque wrench of the MB-RAD series can be used for almost all bolting applications. With a repeatability of ±2,8 % and a torque range of 30-7.000 Nm, the MB-RAD is suitable for many applications, e.g. for machine and steel construction, for wheel assembly, but also as a valve lathe. A very important safety feature is the shutdown according to torque / angle – also in counter-clockwise rotation. The MB-RAD can optionally be equipped with the Documentation System. With this program, the torque wrench is able to record all tightening and loosening processes. If there is no need for a Documentation System, the MB-RAD Light is an alternative. Our MB-RAD is especially suitable for maintenance work. With an integrated, highly sensitive torque check function bolted connections can be checked, without actually tightening the bolt further. On custom demand the MB-RAD can be programmed with individual parameters. The crane manufacturer LIEBHERR has approved the MAD for crane assembly. Each torque wrench comes with a reaction arm and 2x retaining ring, 2x battery, battery charger, calibration certificate and user manual in a storage case.


  • Torque Check Function (not type -2)
  • Documentation System
  • Lithium-HD battery with 8,0 Ah
  • ProTight™ worker guidance system
  • BoltPilot®


Tool handle
Barcode scanner
Offset gearbox
Special reaction arm
Double safety trigger
Nose extension

Scope of delivery

  • Battery operated torque wrench MB-RAD (MAD)
  • Reaction arm with two retaining rings
  • Two Lithium-ion batteries with 5,2 Ah/18 V
  • Battery charger
  • Calibration certificate
  • Operation manual
  • Tool case

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