Torque Check Function

  • Torque check for bolt maintenance:
  • Without overtightening bolts
  • Displays pre-turning angle
  • OK/NOK angle adjustable

The procedures for testing a bolt connection are usually complex. A common method is to continue turning the bolt connection with a torque wrench. It only determines whether the bolt has been turned any further. The conditions for further turning are defined in DIN EN 1090-2. The bolt must not be turned more than 15°. The test torque for initiating further turning must be exactly 1.05 times the tightening torque.

Our development department has dealt with bolt maintenance difficulties for many years. M-PT has succeeded in developing a unique test program that enables tightened bolt connections to be tested without further turning. During the test, the torque wrench of series MV-RAD (MED) or MB-RAD (MAD) is placed on the bolt. Due to a highly complex requirement in the control electronics, the torque wrench slowly approaches the torque to be tested. Conventional torque wrenches without a test program are not suitable for maintenance: at a high speed, the torque check would overtighten the bolt. The Torque Check Function can be updated on every tool model series MV-RAD and MB-RAD.

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