• High resistance and long life with aluminum-titanium body
  • Repeatability ±3,0%
  • Max. working pressure 700bar
  • Fine toothing prevents jamming
  • Built in pressure relief valve prevents overpressure
  • All standard cassettes are resistant at maximum torque
  • Interchangeable cassettes with small head radius
  • 360°x185° multi-positional connection port with quick or screw couplings
  • Suitable for continuous operation at maximum pressure
TypeWrench size [mm]Torque [Nm]Weight [kg]Dimensions [mm]
2 LOW-F19-602603.0003,03226-465197125193
4 LOW-F27-805406.0006,74136-5864125158250
8 LOW-F50-1051.18014.50011,85244-7778157189310
14 LOW-F70-1152.12023.10018,46459-8793191223378
30 LOW-F80-1754.38048.50045,08372-12897242291405

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The hydraulic torque wrench series LOW-F is compact, flat and slim. The design makes it perfect for height-restricted applications. The fine toothing of the tool prevents jamming.


  • Higher torques on request
  • Personalized engraving on the housing (for example: company logo)


Screw coupling
Damper support
Support extension

Scope of delivery

  • Hydraulic torque wrench LOW-F
  • Interchangeable cassette
  • Torque table
  • Calibration certificate
  • Operation manual
  • Tool case (to type 14 LOW-F)

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