• Torque controlled shut-off
  • Repeatability ±5,0 %
  • Fixed nose extension with custom reaction arm
  • Torque setting by a finely graded pressure control valve
  • Very robust, fast and safe
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Good power-to-weight ratio
  • Portable FRL unit included
  • Available with ATEX certification
ATEX-certification (optionally)
ATEX-certification (optionally)
TypeDrive sizeTorque [Nm]RPM [min-1]Weight [kg]Dimensions [mm]
10 GX-2-R¾"4009501155,43686370206
14 GX-R¾"2751.350203,62286370206
20 DX-R1"4002.000103,92036970206
20 DX-NR1"4002.000107,35426970206
24 GX-NR1"7002.4501012,45467676206

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The wheel nut bolting series were designed for wheel nut bolting where torque control is a must. Our planetary gear torque wrenches are vibration free and have the accuracy to prevent accidentally under – and over tightening. The fixed nose extensions are ideal for reaching wheel nut studs that are recessed and where tool clearance is a problem. By continuous, even torque increase the torque will be induced ideal to the bolted assembly. Noise, vibration and thread damage, as appear to conventional impact wrenches, are prevented.
The nose extension kit -NR was designed with flexibility in mind. Complete with three different reaction arms and a nose extension for hard-to-reach areas, this kit is a go anywhere tool capable of a variety of applications but especially suitable for off-road construction equipment. At a surcharge, the pneumatic torque wrench can be delivered according to ATEX specification.


  • ATEX-certification on screwing device and maintenance unit
  • Maintenance unit with two fixed pressure settings
  • Other tubing lengths on request


Tool handle
Tool hanger
Hand guard
Special reaction arm
Double safety trigger
Nose extension

Scope of delivery

  • Wheel bolt wrench GX/DX-R, -NR
  • Reaction arm with two retaining rings
  • Maintenance unit incl. compressed air oil
  • Compressed air tube 3,6 m
  • Calibration certificate
  • Operation manual
  • Foldable transport case

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