Series MX

  • Manual torque multiplier with angeled reaction arm
  • Torque range 100-16.000Nm
  • Display deviation ±4,0%
  • Controlled tightening with manual torque wrench
  • Loosening of bolts with little effort
  • RS-anti backlash device (except MX 8, MX 18)
TypeSquareMaximum torque [Nm]Gear ratioWeight [kg]Dimensions [mm]
MX 8½"¾"8001 : 3,51,365105132130
MX 18¾"1"1.8001 : 3,63,090150188132
MX 28½"1"2.8001 : 135,295200240132
MX 38¾"1"3.8001 : 135,295200240132
MX 50¾"1½"5.0001 : 177,0120215272150
MX 80¾"1½"8.0001 : 4911,5132268344200
MX 120¾"1½"12.0001 : 5814,0156272348200
MX 160¾"2½"16.0001 : 7526,0215292370225

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The manual torque multiplier series MX never fails to impress with its compact design, low weight and flexible use in every application. A built-in shear-off-system protects the gearbox. For this the multiplier is equipped with a torsion pin, which has breaking points and shears off if the torque gets too high. Sheared pins can easily be replaced by the user on site. A replacement torsion pin is included in the delivery. The anti-backlash device stores the torque, which was built by previous tightenings and prevents the tightening tool from being slashed back when released. With a variety of supports and special designs the manual torque multiplier series MX can be used in almost any bolting cases.


  • Manual torque multiplier with little implementation and milled or alternatively forged housing


Straight support
Integrated support
Pipe support

Scope of delivery

  • Manual Torque Multiplier MX
  • Inclined support
  • Replacement-sheared pin
  • Torque table
  • Operation manual
  • Tool case

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